The Conjuring Universe Tour is an immersive experiential exhibition. Each scene is designed with inspiration from the classic horror film universe of The Conjuring, allowing visitors to understand the stories of the film through spine-chilling set designs and experience the iconic moments of supernatural events.
During the exhibition period, tickets can be purchased at the on-site ticket booth or through ticketing platforms such as ibon, udn, incutix ticketing website, and Klook.
The tickets can be used on any day during the exhibition period (2024/1/6-2024/4/7), including weekends and public holidays, except for the closure on 2024/2/9, Chinese New Year's Eve. Ticket sales and entry will stop at 17:30 daily.
After leaving the exhibition area, please have your hand stamped at the exit and re-enter through the entrance. Each ticket is valid for one person's single entry during the exhibition period and cannot be reused.
This exhibition includes horror themes and experiences, taking into consideration the well-being of young children. Therefore, children under 6 years old are not allowed to enter. Children aged 6-15 must be accompanied by at least one adult who purchased a ticket, and the accompanying adult is responsible for supervising the accompanying child throughout the experience.
Some exhibition areas use special visual and audio effects, but there are no flashing lights or other special effects that may cause discomfort. This event is recommended for individuals without heart disease, cardiovascular-related conditions, high or low blood pressure, intoxication, pregnancy, or any physical or mental discomfort. It is advised to assess one's own condition for safety and health or have an adult accompany the visit.
To ensure the safety and comfort of all individuals, actors will not intentionally come into contact with any members of the public. Likewise, it is not permitted for individuals to intentionally touch actors or exhibits. Staff members may request individuals who violate the exhibition rules to leave without refund and may also require them to pay compensation fees.
Huashan 1914 Creative Park provides paid parking services. For parking fees and other transportation information, please refer to the relevant sources.
Due to space limitations, some exhibition areas may not be fully accessible, and individuals using larger or electric wheelchairs may have difficulty navigating narrow corridors within the venue.
To maintain the viewing quality and ensure the safety of all individuals, please deposit any personal belongings before entering. It is strictly prohibited to bring any food, drinks, or other prohibited items into the exhibition.
Yes, you can. Please follow the guidance of the staff and adhere to any on-site notices for further details.
A souvenir shop featuring merchandise from the exhibition will be set up at the exit of the venue. The shop can be visited free of charge, but if there is a large crowd during holidays, on-site crowd control measures may be implemented.

Please contact [email protected] for more details